Facing Mortality

Hi Everyone,
I hope you all had a good day. I did. I could not post yesterday. Too busy taking care of scotty, he got the flu and was so sick. Last Saturday my father in law, Larry law lost his sister. He is now the last living of his siblings. That makes me feel so sad for him. I now know he is feeling so much loss, many of his friends and neighbors have passed. Now he must be so worried about his wife, Elsie. Even though they often drive eachother crazy, I know deep down inside they love each other in their own special way. Elsie went today for a stress test for her heart, and she did good. So she can now have her lung surgery on March 13th. She will need alot of care after the surgery. That is why I have not gone back to work yet. I need to be there for her. I will have help with visiting nurses and home aids, and her niece Helen. But I know Larry wants me around because at first he asked if I could spend more time with her. Then he said I am ok for now, because he has not had to deal with her lung issues yet. Then when the doctor told him about having to remove part of her lung, he asked me did you go back to work? I told him that I knew that this was coming from what the doctor in the emergency room told me the night she had her heart attack and no I did not go back to work. He was relieved, because they only have two sons who have to work and I have been the closest thing to a daughter that they have known. Pete's brother is divorced. I am glad though that they did not need me right away. I have needed a rest, after caring for my mother and then losing her. I added some funny bloopers to my funny videos, I hope you check them out. For adults mostly. I loved my first class with Oprah and the New Earth author. Very inspiring to see people all over the world are looking to connect to the light inside ourselves, that we never seem to do.
Talk to you soon,

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