Beautiful Day!

Hi Everyone,
I hope you all enjoyed today's weather, It was a beautiful day! Monday is now my and Christa and Briana's day together. I must say I am so proud of Christa, she has been a great Mother! It is so weird sometimes to watch someone who was once your baby, take care of their baby. Briana looks so much like Christa it is like getting to have her all over again. Her hair is getting lighter all the time, she will be Blondie like Dana. I kept saying when she was pregnant if she has your eyes Christa and Dana's hair she will be so beautiful. And that is exactly how she has turned out! Funny huh? Elsie is doing OK for now. She is very sleepy from the pain medicine and probably does not know who is there to visit her. But I talked to her doctor and his main concern right now is getting her through these day's after the surgery. He is very impressed with her strength so far. He is a good doctor because he took the time to talk to me on a personal level, ex, how much he liked Elsie and professionally, he said when he gets the results of her biopsy he will have her in the office to talk about it face to face. He said I could be there as well. I will let you all know as soon as I do. Thanks again for all your prayers!!
Take Care,

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