Game On!!

Hi Everyone,
I hoped you did not get too Fooled today! I got a couple of funny email cards. They now make April Fools day ecards, I did not know that, maybe they have for a while but this is the first I have seen of them. Watching Just for Laughs tonight was perfect, because it is all about fooling people. The best part of tonight is the Red Sox's are on! Next Tuesday is opening day at Fenway, don't miss it, they will get their World Series Rings! The best part of it for me is knowing summer is coming and me and Jim have tickets to a game. When I went with him last year, I said this is awesome, the crowd was so much fun. I thought this is going to be a yearly event for us. So when tickets went on sale, I scooped two up for us! Talk to you tomorrow,

Take care
Janet :)

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