Good News

Hi Everyone,
I talked to the P.A. to Elsie doctor just a short time age and got really good news, Elsie got up walking today and she seems really good, there is not much fluid coming from her tube from her lung so they will probably remove it tomorrow. She may be able to go back to rehab on Thursday. The cardiologist saw her today and put her on a blood thinner and they tested the fluid from her lung and there was no bacteria or infection!!! She is such a trooper, You can't help but lover her bunches! I asked if there is still cancer that she has to fight off, but she did not know about that she told me to call her doctor tomorrow, he was not in Boston today. I just got a call from Larry that Elsie's stuff has to be picked up from the rehab because every day that she is not there they are charging them 250 dollars a day to keep her bag there! Can you believe it, always out to screw the seniors out of what little money they may have, especially when they are sick. So to relieve my stress I watched the best of Chris Farley tonight I thought of all the SNL Characters I loved. Dana Carvey was top of the list. So I looked up his videos on youtube and had some more laughs, he is one of the funniest comedians ever! Hope you watch the videos. Enjoy
the nice weather.
Talk to you tomorrow,

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