Tragic Day

Hi Everyone,
I hope you all had a nice mothers day. We went to see Elsie and she was doing a little better with the tracke in her throat. She was more comfortable. She enjoyed our cards and gifts. This tracke should get her breathing on her own better than the ventilator. Pete and I brought flowers by my mom's grave. I got nice fake ones from Micheal's, so they will last longer. I did pretty good getting through the day. I tried to stay focused on the good memories. I feel like today is the beginning of Armageddon watching the news, with all the national disasters, it makes you think. I feel so sad for all the victims around the world. Gives me more gratitude for my life. I added some new funny videos and new music to my player. The first video is funny with the old lady crossing the street you should see what she does to that mans car. I could not get any new Van Morrison or Steve Winwood from last fm. I put in some of my old favorites that are more upbeat songs. I did put some of the new Madonna songs on. Dance tonight is a fun song. Voices is different, it has a unique sound. Because of love is real pretty by Janet Jackson. Together Again is a good way to think of a lost one. Well talk to you tomorrow,

Take Care,

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