Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well. I had a nice relaxing day for a change. Running in and out of Boston made me pretty tired. I can't complain though it was the least I could do for her with all she was going through. I still find it hard to believe she is gone. I wanted to make a note tonight about gratitude. I am so grateful to everyone who prayed and supported us all. My sister called me everynight to check on Elsie. My brother Albert drove up from Rhode Island to attend Elsie's wake, what touched him was that Elsie came to my mothers wake after just one day of being out of the hospital from her heart attack, he will never forget her for that. My brother Kevin and Jim came as well as Karen. Bobby had other obligations. Many times throughout the 25 years I had with her our families got together. Larry said to me, you have a good family, I said I would have to agree. I consider that a tribute to my mom and dad. Throughout all the mental and physical illness they suffered while we were growing up, they were still able to raise six compassionate,caring children to do good to others in this world. Scott got to go on a field trip to Fenway yesterday with the school. I think he now has red sox's fever. He has never been interested in going in for a game, but now he wants to. I am psyched, another reason to have to go in for a game. I told him it is so fun being in there with all the fans. Well thanks for visiting my blog today! Talk to you tomorrow.
Take Care,
Janet :)
Spiritual Share of the day
You learn sooner or later that you are not running the show and that if you relax, the show runs better. Things will happen if you just relax; many things are under control in many respects. You quit and things happen, you let the door open, you stop the obstruction, you eliminate the ego. The ego is one of the biggest obstructions to the achievement of anything. (Richard Rose, Carillon)

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  1. You are so rigth about us not running the show. I mean, we can make the best choices we can, but I've learned, like you, that "Life Happens" and it is so much better when I remain open and use what comes my way to grow and "cahnge" for the better. To let go is a powerful experience. Very freeing.