The Greatest

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well. I am doing pretty good. I have just about finished with Elsie's paperwork to begin her probate. It has been like a mystery digging through her paperwork of at least 30 years, to find out what she had in her name alone, such as stock etc. It is a definite lesson learned to get my and my hubby's affairs in order. Elsie had somethings together but not everything. I am sure she meant to, but being healthy most of your life, you just don't think the worst is going to happen. I think this stuff has kept me from grieving for her, because yesterday I went to the food store and I saw someone who reminded me of her. When I got in my car I just started crying, thinking of how much I miss her and my mom. I suppose it is healthy to get it out. I found this inspirational poem I wanted to share with you all. Thanks for visiting my blog.
Take Care,
Janet :)

The Greatest ...

The most satisfying work ... Helping Others

The most endangered species ... Dedicated Leaders
The greatest natural resource ... Our Youth
The greatest shot in the arm ... Encouragement
The greatest problem to overcome ... Fear
The most effective sleeping pill ... Peace of Mind
The most crippling failure disease ... Excuses
The most powerful force in life ... Love
The worlds most incredible computer ... The Brain
The worst thing to be without ... Hope
The most powerful relationship tool ... The Tongue
The two most power-filled words ... "I Can"
The most powerful communication ... Prayer
The greatest asset ... Faith
The most worthless emotion ... Self-pity
The most prized possession ... Self-esteem
The most contagious spirit ... Enthusiasm
The most beautiful attire ... SMILE


  1. A good list to remember or just post on your refrigerator!

  2. Very nice list you have here.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog :)

  3. Hello thanks for the sweet thought u drop in my page,anyway that poem is encouraging...full of life and yet we caN SAY like the line of a song "what a wonderful world"......