Manny's Ego

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well, I am doing good. Being a Boston Red Sox's Fan for years since I grew up here I must say the past few days were emotional. At first I did not want Manny to leave, but then he treated his teammates so badly I lost respect for him. Then he bad mouthed the administration who were working hard on keeping him. I am glad now that he is gone, good luck to you Manny and your Ego. That is what I have been writing about for months. Our Egos give us a false sense of self. If you shut off your thoughts and feel, you will be connected to your spirit. Manny was only listening to his Ego. I hope he does not find himself alone with that. He thought that 200 Million at the end of his contract with the Red Sox's was not enough!!!!.
I will leave you guys with that thought. Thanks for visiting my blog
Take Care,
Janet :)

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  1. I was totally ticked off at first too. But really, look how good Jason Bay is doing and without that ginormous EGO! :) It was hard to see him go because I was so used to seeing him there, but I think I can get used to him being gone...the Sox sure have picked things up since he left. Yay for that...now if only the Rays would start playing poorly again all would be great.