Laughing At Myself!!

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well. I am doing good. I posted on my videos the last two songs I wrote about. Disturbia and Pocket full of Sunshine. Yet they do not appear in the video list. I don't know what is wrong on youtube. Yesterday I went to my local Car Dealer to get a new car. The insurance company totaled my car. They were nice enough to come by and hand me a check to get another car. I have not driven a new car since the 1980's, but now they have these leases so you pay less until your decide if you want to finance it. I got a 2009 Toyota Rav4 by 4. It only has two miles on it. Because of the holiday yesterday I could not get the car. They went today to the registry for me and cleaned the car to perfection. So when they called me to get the car, I was so excited I turned on Disturbia because I love the beat, on my computer and cranked up the sound. I danced because I was so happy. I have not danced since Christa's wedding in 2006. Except for with my co workers Donna and Shirley when we had an easy day at TLC. We would do a short form of a happy dance, just swinging our arms up. Today I remembered my mother saying she use to turn off the TV in the afternoon and dance to the Moody Blues. She even went to one of their concerts. I realized at that moment of my dancing that her spirit is still with me, she lives on in me. We were physically almost twins except she had black hair.
It felt really good. I think I will do as she did once in a while.
Thanks for visitng my blog,
Take Care,
Janet :)

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