Learn to Befriend Yourself

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well. I am doing good. This post is a continuance of the Loving-Kindness meditation that I have been sharing with you. I hope it helps you to feel good about yourself today and everyday there after.
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Take Care,
Janet :)

Learn to Befriend Yourself,
If you feel bad about yourself, your sense of self-worth may be low and your self-talk may be quite unfriendly, even mean. You may have thoughts that you're never good enough, that you're never going to meet your goals or have the life you're dreamed of. The negative voices in your head might sound like this: "I'm Stupid and incompetent." "I'm ugly and fat." "Everyone else seems to have it together but me. Why did I do that? I'll never forgive myself. I'm a total failure." "Can you hear the unkindness in those words?" Those are words you would never say to a friend you love and care about. "Imagine what would happen if you looked at yourself, all your parts,even the ones you don't like-with kindness and compassion. You might begin to see how some thoughts bring you pain while others bring you happiness. Loving-kindness meditation can help change negative self-talk. When you befriend yourself, self criticism and self-judging begin to decrease. As you practice compassion toward yourself, you'll find you can make friends with your inner critic. Meeting self-hate with kindness can loosen its grip. Once you begin to free yourself, you start to respect and care for yourself as a good friend. In order for this to happen, you can't just read about loving-kindness meditation-you need to experience it. Actually practicing the meditation is key to removing the old habits. You begin to train your mind in kindness.


  1. What a beautiful post! Yes, beauty from within comes from loving one's self. I learned how to do self-affirmations every morning and this has really done wonders for my self-esteem. This was part of my healing process. By learning to love myself again, I am also able to genuinely share that love with others.

    Keep on writing such beautiful and inspiring posts, Janet. God bless you!

    Much love,


  2. Very inspiring post Janet, thank you.


  3. Dear janet, so true. Compassion towards oneself will heal the pain. Thoughts will come and go and come and finally end....
    Love and Light

  4. Just thinking of you. I hope you and the family have a wonderful weekend Janet.

  5. What a great post, and so inspiring!! I love these loving kindness posts. Please keep them coming!!

    By the way, I have tagged you over at my blog, come on over and play!~

    Take care,

  6. Thank you ~ I find loving-kindness toward myself rather difficult at times (esp now)

    But your posts really help.


  7. I have awarded you the Lemonade award for your blog because it shows an attitude of gratitude, uplifting and has good content. Pick it up at: Julie's Daily Inspirationals: Food for Thought

  8. This is a wonderful post. Thank you.