Compassionate Blog Award

Hi Everyone,
I am so honored to be the 10th recipient of the Compassionate Blog Award. When Maitri wrote me the other night to tell me I was moved to tears. I am grateful to be a part of this wonderful community of bloggers who write on a daily basis, not for monetary value, but to inspire humankind and bring hope to all that read our blogs. If that is what you do please click on the link below and join our community to help us to grow and reach everyone who needs a kind word, some hope and inspiration. Thank you for starting this community Maitri and thank you again for the recognition. This is why I started this blog, to inspire others and it is has been returned to me in so many ways, by so many people that I have had the honor of crossing their paths.
Take Care,
Janet :)

Dear Friends,
I have been doing my 300 drops a day on entrecard and some are very random as I try to drop back on everyone who drops on me but sometimes they are not blogs that fit with my philosophies so I thought, "Why not start my own Mr. Linky List to gather together in one place all of the wonderful blogs that are dedicated to Compassionate Living. This may take many shapes and forms. Maybe you are an "artist with heart." Perhaps you are dedicated to animal welfare, or have a cause that you support that is rooted in compassion and loving-kindness. There are so many possibilities, the spectrum is wide and as many colors of the rainbow.

I am not looking for SEO blogs, or blogs that are nothing but ads, or who have a high ad content and almost no real heartfelt blog posts for the simple joy of connection with others. It is in this spirit that I am creating this list so that I can drop on you and support blogs that I really believe in. In addition to this I am designing a "Compassionate Living Blog Award" and every Sunday I will review the blogs that have signed up so far and on Sundays I will put their widget up as high as possible in the sidebar in a little section called, "Compassionate Living Blog Of The Week." A free week of advertising as a thank you for your kind and gentle efforts in the world.

IN ADDITION TO THIS: I will be creating, this week, a new page on my newly designed nine year old website, Dragonfly Cottage, that will house, forever after (as long as the blogs are live), all of the widgets of all of the winners of the awards.

My heartfelt thanks to one and all. I hope you will join soon, and you must leave a comment after your link goes up. That's the way the Mr. Linky links work! I will be keeping a close eye on the list and any inappropriate links will be removed.



  1. Janet, Congratulations! How wonderful that you have been recognized for your work that blesses the rest of us :)

  2. Janet, I am soooooooooo happy for you! So proud of you here! You really deserve this award for spreading compassion and teaching all of us how to share loving kindness to everyone around us. Congratulations, friend!!! Here's a big H-U-G for you!!! xoxox

    Much Love,
    Bing (",)

  3. Janet,

    If anyone deserves this award...it is YOU!

    Congratulations and enjoy it!!

    You help and inspire so many people, including me...thank you so very much for being a friend~


  4. You are shoo in my friend for the compassionate blog. I am SO glad to see you receive this. You live and breathe compassion. Even if you never said a word about it it would not matter as it is something you LIVE in all your interactions. I love that about you. And always feel that when I come here. Such a soothing comforting feeling. I am heartened to know that this is how you move through the world. Thank you for that...from my heart. Hugs and love, Robin

  5. Congratulations Janet!

    It is really a great list that Maitri has built, full of great people like yourself :)

    Happy Manifesting!


  6. Hi Janet,
    I was visiting over to Maitri's and found that you had received this award. I am so very very pleased for you. Congratulations and thank you for being a compassionate blogger.

    I blog non profit also. I spend many hours dropping cards, taking photos, and trying my best to reach out to all with love.

    I am so pleased to have found your blog and you are now marked in my favorite's at EC so that I can visit as much as possible.

    I read over your blog and your thoughts and words are very inspirational.

    Thank you so much for giving yourself to us!!
    Peace my new friend,

  7. Congratulations Janet, well deserved.

  8. Recently just met...Here's wishing you all... my best,

  9. Congratulations Janet! This award is so well deserved. You are a wonderful and compassionate friend, and I'm glad to know you here in the blogging world.
    Much love and hugs<3