Are You Neurotic? Rejoice That’s Where It’s At!

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The Happy Neurotic is available at bookstores across Canada, and on amazon.com, amazon.ca and chapters.indigo.ca. For more information go to www.thehappyneurotic.com

Are You Neurotic? Rejoice That’s Where It’s At!

Forget trying to be confident, positive, and spiritually centered. You can be happy, productive, and well adjusted while remaining as neurotic as ever. That’s the premise of The Happy Neurotic: How Fear and Angst Can Lead To Happiness And Success! by counselor and stand-up comic David Granirer.

Granirer states, “Many self-help books promise us wealth, perfect health, and even to reverse the aging process if only we love ourselves, say positive affirmations, and eliminate all negativity. But most of us aren’t getting any richer, healthier or younger, and we’re starting to feel like idiots as we go around chanting, ‘I am a perfect being of love and light’ while cutting people off in traffic.

“By telling us to eradicate all negative emotions, these books set us up to fail. Negative emotions are not only impossible to eradicate, they are also keys to our happiness and success.”

Instead of wasting time and money on futile attempts to become totally confident and relentlessly positive, Granirer’s readers learn how to achieve the common sense and attainable reality of the Happy Neurotic – someone who uses negative emotions to create happiness and success and has a sense of humor about it all. The book even includes a special chapter teaching readers how to use humor as a powerful tool for accepting and even celebrating their dysfunctions.

According to Granirer, whose work teaching stand-up comedy to people with mental illness is featured in a CBC Passionate Eye documentary to be aired in early 2007, “Everyone is dysfunctional to some degree. This book helps readers make their dysfunctions work for them. By using their fear and angst as unlimited sources of motivation, Happy Neurotics are able to achieve incredible things.”

This funny and highly irreverent book also challenges many popular New Age teachings. Readers learn why they shouldn’t trust the universe, why programming themselves for success often doesn’t work, and about negative, fear-driven people who live charmed lives.
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  1. I so have to buy this book!! It looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing this.