Hi Everyone,
Happy Friday!! My Niece reminded me this morning of this song. I loved it and I am loving it again today. Yesterday my post was about taking a stand. Today even at 45 I find myself with changes in my life and once again I need "JUMP" and move on. The only thing you can depend on is your family! I hear ya Madonna, My sisters and me that I am blessed with. I hope I can dance like her when I turn 48, but at the rate I am moving now, don't look so good. I wish I could take her hand and jump with her, she is my favorite singer, she has been inspiring me with her music for 25 yrs and I love her attitude. I got to see her here in Boston 3rd road from the stage during her Drowned World Tour, one of the best nights I ever had. DMB is my favorite band. Enjoy the song, hope you dance a little today:) The ad is very short, I could not get rid of it.
Have a great weekend,
Janet :)

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  1. Happy day to you my friend!! I simply love having arrived at an age where life finally starts to make sense!!

    I hear you and let's keep jumping together!!