Nothin' But Love For Ya!!

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well, I am doing great. Two weeks from tonight I will be cuddling with Pete while we watch the sunset in Aruba. Not to make anyone jealous, but it is well deserved, we have not been away alone in 26 years. It is funny how thoughts just flow through your mind and sometimes they give you inspiration or insight. On Thursday I took Scott to the Dentist and while he was being treated I was by myself, which I don't mind but it was without a computer in front of me LOL! I went outside and enjoyed the fresh air and then I got thinking about my life. It is so great right now I don't know how to put it into words, but here goes! Since my childhood I watched my Mother suffer and struggle with her Mental Illness,but in the end she was my best friend, then my father suffered from Heart Disease and died when I was only 23, which still hurts. When I moved out with Pete and had Christa I thought I was all set, but then Anxiety Disorder took over me. To all my followers I know you know my story, so when I was sitting outside the Dentist Office the other day, I felt like I had a spiritual awakening like Oprah LOL!, I am free of the pain from the past and especially the past two years. My Mom and Elsie and Dad and Wendy and Sue are resting in Peace together. I realized how excited I am about my future, going back to school, enjoying my grandchild and the one's to come and how grateful I am to wake up happy everyday. I have raised two great kids and now I have time to get back to me, me and Pete and anything or anyone else I want to. I also thought about how lucky I have been to have had the friends that stood by my side as miserable events unfolded around me. To all of you who supported me through these tough times,especially my friends from the village who are in my book the best of the best. People who go above and beyond caring for the disabled. A cause that is a priority in my life. Thank you to each and every one of you. You are the reason I feel this happiness now and I have nothin but love for ya,:) To Nikki C and Gina B and my ex co workers at the Village that I thought were my friends you showed me that you were never a friend as you kicked me when I was down and needed you the most, talked shit about me, called me a liar when I told the truth, I have got nothin but love for ya as well.
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Take Care,
Janet :)


  1. that's wonderful. Eye opening moments like that are always awesome. I am glad you are feeling well. Have fun on your trip. I am totally jealous :P

  2. Hi Janet

    I will also be a little jealous ;) But sounds like you have waited a while for it... Enjoy! I love that song by Whitney. Have shared it in my Forum. A nice pick me up :)