The Four Agreements

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Happy Friday, I hope you are all doing well. I am doing great. I got behind this week with my postings but I will get back on track. Christa and I went to see This is It last night. I must say I agree with what Oprah said after viewing it, What A Loss. It is definitely worth the 7.00 dollars to see what would have been the show of the year or even this decade. Even though you see it through a rehearsal view, you still get so much of his vision and his incredible talent. Micheal was still strong and making killer moves and sang amazingly live. Bring a tissue if you grew up with the Jackson 5 because he does the song Ben. When he is finished he says something to his family that breaks your heart even more. He was very happy, laughing, joking and looking forward to the adventure as he said. He bonded with everyone there and he was given the up most support and respect in return. As they danced next to him and performed wth him they were in aww of him. He even took the time to let them shine and step back. Every applaud from his crew he would be humbled and smile simply saying God bless. When I left I thought to myself Thank God that in his last days he was surrounded by so many people who loved him, did not judge him and looked past all the bs in his life. They were a family with a tragic ending. Hope you get to see it. Today I wanted to share the 4 agreements with you. I think they are a good tool to live by. I hope you all have a great weekend.
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  1. I love the Four Agreements. Very wise words to live by.

    Hope you are doing well,