Distinction Between Religon and Spirituality

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well, I am doing better, I was sick this week Tuesday through Friday and was only comfortable on the couch, I missed blogging. Feeling better today and wanted to share this with you before I hit the hay because I agree there is a distinction between religion and spirituality. Having been raised Catholic,I felt more fear of God because of all the rules and not love like I was taught to. Studying spirituality I feel only love and peace. I hope you are all having a good weekend and I will be writing again in a day or two.
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Janet :)



  1. Good Morning, Glad you are up and about. I am religious, and spiritual. I define them both by actions, rather than words! Great reminder to all of us. I feel only love and peace. Wonderful affirmation!

  2. i am spiritual, i think religions are all about money anymore, and don't want anything to do with that.

    have a great day!