Let go of the Negatives, Focus on the Positives

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all doing well, I am doing good. I have been busy working and getting ready for Christmas as I am sure you are all as well. I am enjoying my new job even through it is the busy Christmas season in retail. Today was a great day because it was my first Sunday off in a while, we had a big snowstorm so we made warm meals all day and decorated some more for the holiday as the logs in the fireplace added to the coziness of the day. I wanted to share the next two ways to live the 365 ways to live the law of attractions. I am sorry I have gotten behind, I will be posting again before Christmas.
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#7 Let go of the Negatives, Focus on the Positives
A thorough understanding of the fundamentals of the law of attraction allows us to quickly achieve our goals and get more of the stuff we want and avoid attracting the things we don't want. With deliberate and focused application of the principles of the law of attraction we can all achieve our full human potential and perhaps work together toward creating a more harmonious and just world. The law of attraction as already noted works in response to thoughts that have become energized. What if deliberately focused your attention on something that you wanted to call forth in your life...something you deeply desired to manifest? Would the law of attraction bring it to you? The answer is yes, always.

#8 Anyone Can Use It
Anyone can work with the law of attraction to deliberately make choices about what he or she wants and doesn't want in their life. He can use the law to help him work out his dreams, desires, and ambitions. So, too, he can repel the things he does not want. Indebtedness worries, for example, can bring more debt. But when thoughts of poverty are replaced by images of abundance, the law of attraction springs into action to replace lack with abundance. The law of attraction is not wishful thinking, daydreaming, or momentary flights of fancy. A wish is not a strong enough intention. The law is always working to give people the very thing they most desire.

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