Robin Easton's Blog

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well, I am doing great. I wanted to share this special friends blog with all of you. I met her through Soulmerlin's blog which I love as well. Robin is the sweetest soul although as you read below she tells me I am. She writes so beautifully and takes you along a journey in her life in Australia. As one person wrote on her blog

"Robin Easton's is a heroine's journey that, like all such journeys, risks
everything. The payoff is transformation and a discovery of her deep intimacy
with the earth itself. At a time when nature as we know it is in peril - and we
with it - we need Easton 's message as never before." ~ Larry Dossey, MD

So I hope you take some time to read her blog, you will leave a better person for taking the time to read her inspirational posts, and watch her videos. Once you hear her laughter in a video you will never forget it and you will have to laugh along with her, it is so contagious. She made my day, week and so much more when she left me this comment on facebook.
Thank you Robin,
You are a great friend,
Janet :)

Hey dear one, you are the sweetest soul anyone could ever know. I always feel so deeply loved by you or anything you share. I just wanted you to know that. Or else I am left laughing my face off. Either one, my life is made so much richer because of YOU. Know that. Also, every time I come here I just love this photo of you and Briana I think this is her isn't it?) She looks sooooo happy to be with you ecstatic. So do you.:)) Love, Robin


  1. I agree so much Janet...Robin is fab. (u r 2)


  2. You just blew my mind with this. I had a really rough week. It's as if you KNEW that and did this to comfort me and remind me that everything is okay. I just LOVE you for that. I came here with no idea what to expect and I have to tell you that tears just filled my eyes instantly. You are one of the MOST thoughtful people I know. It runs waaaaay deep in you. I felt that all through those posts about your Mom. It's as if you ARE goodness itself. It's why I feel so safe and loved with you. I just can't tell you how much goodness you confirm for me. It truly is beyond words. I am hugging you the biggest hug and thank you from my heart. Robin