Archangel Jeremiel

Hi Everyone,
I hope all is well with you. When my mother was dying I turned to the Angels and prayed a lot. I truly felt their presence and it gave me strength to care for her in her darkest days. I once had an Angel reading and during the reading there was a white light all around my face and the energy was amazing. Something I will never forget. Today I want to share Archangel Jeremiel with you. The name translates to "Mercy of God". Jeremiel will help you with emotions, helping us review and take inventory of our lives so that we may forgive and also helps us to plan for positive change. Ancient Jewish text list Jeremiel as one of the seven core Archangels. Because Baruch a prolific first century Jewish apocryphal author was assisted by Jeremiel this archangel is believed to help with prophetic visions. Whether or not you believe in Angels, remember it can't hurt to reach out and ask for help to a higher power. Thanks for visiting my blog,
Take Care,
Janet :)

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  1. "I think of Angels as doors to the Infinite. A prayer is a key to open the door