New Arrivals

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are doing good, I am doing great. I am so excited to be getting a Papillon dog today. A women I work with just got one from a women who is moving to Florida and cannot take "Abby" with her. She got Toby her brother. Mine looks like the black one. I will now have companionship when I am home all day by myself. This is the type of companionship I will enjoy at this time in my life, I can still be free to go do what I want to and I don't have to answer back or cater to her too much, just have fun. They are very loving dogs and I am told it is more like having a cat. She will sleep with me unless she can't take my snoring like Pete, I sleep on the futon but that is ok I like it. I can't wait to take her for walks by the beach. It's funny I already walk my nieces dog Abby twice a week, now me and my sister have little dogs named Abby :) Christa couldn't help laughing though when she pictured me walking around with a little dog in my arms. Maybe I will have to get one of those bags like Paris Hilton. Meet tentatively named Christopher Anthony Pierce, Christa had to have a second ultrasound because they saw some calcium build up on my grandson's stomach. It is nothing serious though Thank God, I was so worried because she had a miscarriage the last time they tried to have a baby. So I got this 4D picture of him. I think it is amazing, you can see he is sucking his thumb. Christa said he kept covering his eyes like he was playing peek a boo. When I watched Bri for her all we did was stare out the window looking for school buses LOL! They live 3 houses down from a school and all she wants to do now is ride on the buses, even the Gatra buses she sees at Walmart. She always waves "goodbye kids". She will love that I have a little dog for her to play with. The other night at work they gave every employee a bingo card and called out numbers all night. Of course I didn't win. I wanted to so I could have given Bri a stuffed Target dog. I thought that was fun of them. The girls and I at guest services have a stalker that is a 19 yr old boy and co worker. The kid comes up for returns way too many times a day or night and when he is getting the returns he keeps talking at ya and at the same time starring at your T & A. So creepy!!! He has already been talked to about it and yet he keeps on doing it. I mean I can empathize with the kid because I know what teenage boys go through with their hormones, but seriously keep your thoughts to yourself. And the worst part is he takes the returns and leaves them in a cart somewhere in the store!! We always have to go put them away. So now when I am working with him I have to keep count of his visits LOL! I got talking with a customer the other day like I always do and somehow we got talking about college. I told her my plans to go back and she told me that it would be a waste of my money that they are not hiring people my age with a Master's in Social Work, she should know because she has a Doctoral degree in Social Work. She told me to go to Harvard for a Master's in Education. They have lot's of money available for students as well. So I am going to pursue it, why not the only person stopping me is me. My Uncle did it in his 50's. I would love to go into Boston all the time for school. And wouldn't I be the cat's ass parkin my car in Harvard yard LOL!! Donna if you read this post I wanted to ask you to text me when the girl scout cookies come in. I have lost the cell phone that had your cell number in it too. I would also like to learn how to text. If you have any funny stuff send it along. If you do not have my cell anymore email me and I will send it to you. Tell Shirley I said hello and I will be calling her soon for coffee. I did have to get a new battery, now my droid is working great. I love it. I am up to almost 75 views of my Because of Love Video this week, so Thank you to each and every one of your smiling eyes that have viewed it.
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Take Care and have a Great Day!
Janet :)

This is not my actual Abby, but I swear I hear them saying Abby at the end of the video. Or maybe it is just on my brain :)

Like Prince and Paris said at the Grammy's, he sang about Love in every song, and they will continue to spread that message, I agree so I will be posting some of his videos along with my posts every once and a while. Loved this video and song. What a lucky girl to get to play the object of his affection, real or not :)


  1. I am so happy for you Janet about your new grandson and puppy, etc., etc., etc. lol! I will keep you all in my prayers. I am sure he will be fine though. That is so neat you got a doggy, I want to see pictures when you get a chance okay?


  2. Thank you sooo much Jodi, I will be taking some pictures or video to share with all of you.
    ((Hugs back to you))
    Janet :)