Valentines Video

Hi Everyone,
How are you, I am doing great. I made this video for all of you to enjoy this Valentines Day. I hope all of you have a burning heart for someone and vise versa. This should help build up your mood for Sunday and may your day go out like a lion LOL! You will know what I mean about the lion if you watch it. I suggest watching it full screen to truly feel it. It stops with the song still playing but it is such a long song I had to do it that way. I am so happy my niece got a membership at the Y that I was planning on taking classes at, now I am going get one, and I will have someone to work out with. We get along so good, she's a doll. Caution to any women out their that have FLML by bad company on their CD they play in their car, playing it too loud will cause strange men loading their groceries in a parking lot to smile at you ! I was so embarrassed but I could not help but laugh. I have to admit I got the idea for this video from the FLML video I posted a little while ago, but I would have to say mine is much hotter! I am so fresh aren't I. I hope I never lose that quality about me. Donna if you sent me a text message about the cookies I probably didn't get it. It turns out my Droid was defective and not the battery, I just got a new one yesterday so resend it if you did. Have a great day and thanks for visiting my blog. I got another follower yesterday, Thank you again everyone, I am starting to feel like a rock star LOL!
Take Care,
Janet :)

009 Sound System: Holy Ghost


you could be the holy ghost
i could be the one you love
cryin' out for one more

You could be the soul that tried
flyin' on a dream tonight
and comin' back just wanting
a little more oh..oh...

Keepin it stronger
oh baby for longer
never so honist
bout bein' alone
oh oh oh...

Strung out on those feelings
cuz people just need things
no sense in believin'
just to turn me on...

I meant to put these links into my last post so you can view the videos of the songs I was writing about if you wanted to. :)



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