When I Get Where I'm Going

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are doing well, I am doing good. I wanted to write this post tomorrow but I cannot stop thinking about Wendy tonight. On Wednesday my son in law Dana will turn 30. I love him so much, he is such a good husband and father. He was his mother's only son. They were so close that I could never put it in words. She was also very close to all of her children and grandchildren. When we first met we hit it off. To know Wendy was to love her. She believed in Angels like me and had them all over her house. She was also a survivor. She had cancer in her 40's and had to have Whipple surgery. Most people don't live after the surgery. She lived 5 yrs after that. How happy were Dana and Christa that she was there to dance at their wedding. She adored Christa as much as I adored Dana. We had so many happy times together in those few years. When Christa and Dana were expecting Briana me and Wendy were in our glory about what a beautiful grandchild we would have together. Then the cancer came back. She was on her death bed when Christa was due. Her doctor induced her so that Wendy could meet Briana before she passed away. They spent 24 hours together when Briana was a day old. Wendy knew she was there and said good job to Christa and Dana. When I went to say goodbye to Wendy I put an Angel stone in her hand and said I would give it to Briana when she is older so she knows to call on you when she is in need of guidance and protection. Last summer all of a sudden Briana started pointing at the Angels that Christa and Dana took from her house and she kept saying Mimmi. So I took that as a sign that she is her guardian Angel. I also promised Wendy on that day as well that I will take care of them and make sure they want or need nothing and I am doing that. I am trying hard to take better care of myself to be here for them as well. On Dana's birthday I will buy him his favorite cake, get him what he needs. Every night Briana kisses a picture of Wendy. She always looks at the wall to the picture of the two of you. Sometimes when I am playing with Bri in front of Dana I have to hide my tears, because it is so unfair that we are not doing it together and he does not have that with you like Christa has with me. At least Bri has your hair. So a part of you physically is here with her. I hope when you got to where you were going you only know true happiness and peace. I am a better person for having you and your family in my life. Miss you so, much, This is the song she picked to be played at her funeral.
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Take Care,
Janet :)


  1. I understand and it moves me deep inside.

    bless you


  2. Thank you for your compassion Henry and bless you as well.
    Take Care,
    Janet xo