My Girl

Hi Everyone, I am so exited for tonight. I have a date with Pete. I got a sexy black dress that needs boob tape. I will feel like a movie star on the red carpet LOL! After a nice dinner we will have a nice stroll on the beach at sunset, then hit the cougar room! Love and romance will happen all night long :) I had a great day on Thursday with my girls. We went to Target and finished getting everything we need for Christopher's arrival. I am so glad to help them out and yet Christa keeps feeling bad, I said don't feel bad I love doing this, that is what a Mother does for her children. I realized after she said that how much she has grown. I use to play the song My Girl and video for her when she was a little girl because this song speaks of what she did for me coming into my life. How I loved her at first site and loved holding her all the time. We had so much fun growing up together. My mom always said that you grow up with your children. When she was little we would call her miss I want it! She had to have everything, but wow how that has changed since she has been out on her own. My girl has grown into a beautiful women, both spiritually and psychically, she has only gained 5 pounds this pregnancy, so she will be smaller than she was before she got pregnant like I was. With each pregnancy I got so sick after I gave birth I only weighed 120 pounds. I was not proud of that, I hated being so sick. I said to her when she was pregnant with Bri, I hope you have another you, so I can have you all over again and my wish came true. I am so proud of the person she has become and the mother she is. Dana too, they are great Parents. When she left home I listened to this song for a week from Evanescence and cried my eyes out. But I gave her roots, so I had to give her wings.
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Love ya,
Janet :)

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