In The Dark

Hi Everyone, How are ya, I am good. Although my ass is a little sore now that I have looked at my speeding ticket. $250 dollars sore. I forgot to use the pedal sticking excuse, maybe I can fight it with that excuse. Maybe I should have offered the cop a cop a feel to get out of the ticket!! but then again he was older and he probably couldn't have handled it. I came across In the Dark yesterday when I was downloading Shook Me. What an 80's flashback. I couldn't stop listening to it. I needed to hear this, you really do get what you need. I use to love this song, and loved looking at him :) It brought me to tears because I just want to hide, be beside someone else so bad right now that it hurts, I am sure some of you have felt like that once in a while. And don't we all want to be loved in the dark. I could not find a video of this song anywhere that was any good. I had to add this video version of My Kinda Lover. So many HOT men out there and only one of me, not fair, what's a poor women to do LMAO!! Just teasing their is only one hot man on my mind. Edit: I just got home from work tonight and I wrote this earlier this afternoon when I was in a great mood, but now I come home to shit and I am pissed off to no end. Pete was in rare form again. He is mad that I need a full weeks bill money. I said I will give you some back when I get paid shit this week, he has this angry look on his face and it scares me. Now he wants to quit drinking, shoot me now. He is such a miserable person when he is drinking never mind sober. I had to drive to work today on empty and then scrounge up 3 dollars out of my pocketbook to get home plus I had no money for anything to eat or drink at break, but he does not want to hear it. I might as well be on my own, does he seriously think he takes good care of me and it is all my fault that we have the bills that we do?? The bills will still be here when I am gone! I am going to go to my brother Jim's condo in North Plymouth or to another friends place I hope. It will be easier on me to stay here until Scotty gets out of school in a couple of weeks then having to get up somewhere else and get him off to school. Then when School starts again I will have him with me. I don't deserve this shit and I can't take it anymore. I can't wait to be free. I am going to be so happy starting my life over, going back to school and having my Independence. I wrote this poem at work tonight when it got slow, and of course Heather busted me, she peeked through a sign in front of Guest Services LOL! When I came in and was punching in she was in the break room and she tapped on the window and gave me the I am watching you sign. It made me jump but also laugh my ass off. It is going to be a fun week at work because I am working every night except for Wednesday with Heather. She also caught me with my Droid tonight, Dam I just like to check my droid for who is visiting my blog. It makes me happy to see certain visitors have been by to read my posts. I don't do texting, I have no one to text but that is what she thinks I am doing LOL! I will miss my sun setting walks but I also enjoy walking at lunch time. And the best part is I don't have to close :) Donna on my way into work today I saw Anne, she is an ex co worker that I love too for all my readers who don't know what I am talking about, her son was having a job interview to work at either Starbucks or Pizza hut, it was so good to see her and I will probably see her more now if her son gets the job. Scotty is a movie buff so when we went to see Iron Man 2 we got an application for him to work there. Ya my baby is getting his first job :( Where does the time go.
Enjoy the videos:)
Love ya,

Can you face the fire when you see me there
Can you feel the fire, will you love me in the dark
You never listen to the voices inside
They fill your ears as you run to a place to hide
Will you love me in the Dark?

Ya,love it :)

If you come close enough
You'll begin to feel the flames,
desire untamed and nothin but

How many day's and night's
I cannot count, In my mind's
eye, we have our first kiss,
that first touch. All I can do
is smile while something inside
of me erupts

Meet me in the dark,
Light my night,
Know I am never to far
to be right in your arms.

Soon I will be own my own,
I did my best, but I have
grown. He never deserved me,
If only earlier the truth I
did see


  1. Oh my, I am a HUGE Billy Squire fan. Thanks! Oh yeah, I'm sorry that you got a ticket, but at least they didn't lock you up. Around here, I think they would have for going 25 MPH over the limit.

  2. I love it Fishhawk that you are a huge fan. Wow I forgot how good the music was that I listened too growing up. Old is gold. Nothing but crap on the radio these days.
    Have a Great Day,
    Love ya,
    Janet :)