Show Off Edited

Hi Everyone, Happy Friday, I feel like showing off my family today. We had a blast at the Barnstable Fair here on Cape Cod Ma last night. Bri had no fear of any rides as you will see in the video, I don't think she was actually really big enough to go on it, but the guy let her, there is no saying no to such a cutie pie:) You can meet Christopher on my sidebar if you wish too. Ya, I like to show off, that's what Mimmi's do best. It was crowded because it was Monster Truck night, but they are nothing like they use to be twenty years ago or more! 3 Truck jumps and then intermission, what?? No pulls either, boring. This video of Lindsay is older as you will be able to tell and I am not judging Lindsay, God knows I have no room too, but I can't help but just poke a little fun at her because she got more breaks than most and still is getting off easy. Plus I can't help but post a funny video on Friday's now can I??
Have a great day,
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Love ya,
Janet :)

P.S. Bri was braver than me and went on the big Ferris Wheel too,
I have a huge fear of heights, she was having so much fun she
wound up having her parents stay till close!!

Just found this one on my droid, Sorry to show off too much,
but it was my first full one of him :)

For Poor Lindsay LOL!!

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