Dare to Join The Dance of Transformation

Hi Everyone, Happy Saturday! Today I wanted to share with you #18 of the 365 Ways To Live the Law of Attraction. It is simple thinking, but this book helps guide you to this simple thinking with history from ancient practices. I know we all feel the struggle to stay positive with our thoughts with what daily life puts upon us. But I believe if we take just a small moment in each day to check ourselves and our thoughts we will probably find we are focusing on the negative of certain situations. It's just those old tapes running in our heads again. I know it happens to me and when I catch myself doing that lately I immediately take the time to think of something good, something lately that has made me happy. Soon I notice I am feeling more upbeat, definitely more positive. So take the time in the stress of the day and focus on one good positive thing and before you know it, you will be joining the Dance of Transformation as they say! You will get back what you put out, and that can only be a good thing right?
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Like the Hindu God Shiva Nataraja, who dances the Universe into creation and destruction, you can change your destiny by destroying patterns of negative thought and replacing them with positive thinking and feeling. Shiva's dance destroys ignorance and awakens the latent divine force of Kundalini, the sacred energy that conveys mortal consciousness to a state of Enlightenment. Through your powerful intentions and aligned with the Law of Attraction, perhaps, you too, will awaken from the dark slumber of unintentionally attracting what you don't want to, instead, drawing into your life what you do want. There is enormous power in every moment of every day to change your patterns of thinking, and thus, the potential for future karmic ramifications of your thoughts, words and deeds

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