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Hello Everyone, Happy Friday! Sometimes I really can't believe that I live in the year 2011, that men and society in general are still so sexist! Then I see this video about Zestra that was on Nightline and I have to believe it. I have seen the commercial for Zestra once or twice on a channel like Tru TV, but now I know why it is not on the regular channels. It is not appropriate(according to male TV Executives I'm sure), to acknowledge anything that has to do with a women's sexuality. Yet it is perfectly ok for us to acknowledge a man's sexuality at least 3 or 4 times a day, as we are constantly bombarded with Viagra and Cialis commercials. Multiply that number by 10 during football season!! Never mind all the stupid emails I get for male enhancement, I mean GAWD enough already!! So I just wanted to remind all of you women out there, that even in this day and age, if you try to express yourself, or talk about an issue concerning sex, shame on you! Just you hush your mouth and get back your womanly duties like cooking and cleaning, earning as much money as you can, and being the good, proper lady, you should be! Only when and if society and/or men give you permission to fully be who you are, do so, but with caution, yes much caution LMAO! If you want a really good laugh, you've got to watch Wanda's take on Viagra, she is so right! The video is not the greatest quality, but still good and her HBO video clips are hard to find.
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  1. It never ceases to amaze me how sexist our society still is. I could offer countless examples but I won't bore you, you live it every day. And what gets me even more are those out there who believe we've reached equality and feminism is an archaic idea that is no longer applicable to today's society. Yeah, whatever.

  2. Thank you Rebecca, I'm glad you appreciate the humor in it :)

  3. I know Patti, they like us to think we have come so far!! Total Bullshit LOL! I know what you go through each day cause like you said I do live it too!
    Thanks for the comment sweetie :)