Saturday With Steve Carell

Hi Everyone, Here are some laughs for you this Saturday. My Nephew Robert Hakala of 95.9 FM WATD, a local radio show here in Ma, got to interview Steve Carell for a second time yesterday in Marshfield Ma :) I believe Steve does live in Marshfield Ma and he is a great, down to earth guy, there is no big Hollywood Ego with him. He is part owner or full owner of the local store called Marshfield Hill, I'm not sure which it is. Anyhow he drives to the store for the day in his Toyota, nothing fancy and helps his sister in law by stocking about 40 cases of Snapple for her LOL! For being such a nice guy and always being so gracious with my Nephew Rob, I chose some funny scenes from his movies for my funny videos this week :)
Thanks for visiting,
Janet :)

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