Oh The Drama

Hello, I hope your enjoying your weekend. This week it seemed the news was filled with Celebrities and their oh so dramatic lives! I just feel like putting my own spin on things, and sharing my views on certain things. As I'm writing my spin, I kinda feel like a Perez Hilton, and although it may not be nice, it is kinda fun LOL! The only one in the news this week that deserves some praise is David Walgren. Now that the Doctor Conrad Murray trial is coming to an end, I feel he did his very best to get Justice for Michael Jackson and his children. He is the best Prosecutor I've seen in a long time, I can say that because I usually follow trials everyday on Court TV and HLN while I'm home during the day and you can tell who has "it" to reach the jury and who doesn't. Anyhow I hope you enjoy my points of view!
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Janet :)

I am so sick of hearing about the Kardashians, Poor Kim is moaning to friends: I'm So Distraught, I Can't Function, Bullshit, it didn't seem to me that she had any problem hopping on that plane to Australia to promote her handbags! Then when she thought the camera's were off her she was only concerned about if she looked fat in her dress! Yes Kim, from what I saw of you in the dress, you did look a little chunky in one area, talk about Junk in the Trunk! I'll never get why that is hot, growing up I was always taught a fat ass was a bad thing. Then after hearing all about the big divorce drama all week, the mother of this dysfunctional family Kris Jenner has the nerve to say while out promoting her new book on different shows, that she probably could have saved Nicole Brown! I think that is BS too, she would have done nothing to help Nicole. Nicole reached out to her the day before she was murdered and she was too busy, put her off for another day. Kris was married to O.J.'s friend and later his defense attorney Robert Kardasian. So she probably would have wanted to stay out of it to keep peace with her husband, and someone like O.J. who was a person of power and influence at the time. Because even now when asked on the Joy Behar show if she thought O.J. was guilty of Murdering Nicole, she answered "Yes and No", you'll have to read my book to understand why I came to that conclusion", come again Kris, what, your still afraid to speak out against O.J. and your using Nicole's tragedy to help sell your book?? I would like to start my own reality show called "Shutting Up The Kardashians", anyone with me?

Kelly looks so skinny I just want to feed her a hamburger through the set. When Regis leaves the show, I don't think it will last too long, unless they get another good co host. I mean, is it just me, or does her personality sometimes get a little annoying?? And Regis always offers so much to talk about with his life, going here, meeting with so and so. I just don't see what she has to offer on her own besides talking about her family life, (which can get a little dull) and interviewing people? But that is just my opinion. Maybe I'm wrong, only time will tell.

Glad to see Lidnsay got a chance to crash DiCaprio's
'J. Edgar' Party between all the stress of court and
doing her Playboy shoot! She'll need a night of partying
before serving her six hours in Jail!

Poor Herman Cain, offering his loving,
sweet as "sugar" self to all those women,
only to be rejected and then hit with

I use to think Justin's 14 million beliebers were crazy,
know I know they are. Tweeting out Death threats
to Mariah Yeater! Seriously scary!!

Superb job by David Walgren, I loved watching him fight for
Michael Jackson in a professional manner and at the same
time find a way to stick it to the defense!
"Everyone's to blame but Conrad Murray ... Poor Conrad Murry"
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  1. Janet this post is a riot. I think that the Kim K booty is a marvelous thing though she is a complete fame whore. And Lindsay Lohan....well she needs to be removed from the spotlight. She obviously is worse off for living her life so publicly. And Kris Jenner!!! OMG I hadn't heard about her trying to plug the Nicole Brown murder. Such a new low.

  2. Thanks Pink, I guess I'm just old fashioned when it comes to the booty LOL! Ya it is so low for Kris to use Nicole, especially when she did nothing to help her in life. They are just superficial and greedy people and I think they have had the spotlight for way to long. We should be putting the spotlight on people who contribute to society, not take from it IMO!
    Always good to hear from you Pink :)

  3. Michael is gone and the trial is so useless, especially considering the insignificant punishment that that doctor can get if he is found guilty. He is gone and nothing can make it better...

  4. I know Unikorna, it is somewhat useless, but I think the family and some fans need some form of Justice in order to heal and move on, even if it is truly not just punishment!!
    Thanks :)