Hello, Watching the news today literally made my stomach sick. Jerry Sandusky was arrested for a second time on allegations of sexual abuse, just as one of his victims spoke out about his screams for help from this monsters basement that went unheard. Then they broke the news that Ryan Brunn was arrested for the murder and sexual assault of this precious little 7 yr old girl named Jorelys. Jorleys was abducted from her own playground at her apartment building while her babysitter ran in to the building for one minute to get her coat. Her mother worked nights and had to sleep for a little while during the day. It makes me so sick that these men, (or monsters as I view them, because they just can't really be a human being in the sense that I know human beings,) can torture an innocent child the way they do. There is no way that I will ever be able to wrap my mind around this sickness Pedophilia, and as an advocate for the mentally ill, I'm able to wrap my mind around a lot. I know 99 percent of you feel the same. This is something I think we can only pray away, because it is an evil beyond us, no doubt about it. So tonight I light a virtual candle in memory of this Little Angel and for all the innocent children who have been victims of these monsters.
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Jerry Sandusky,

Ryan Brunn

Jorelys Rivera R.I.P.

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