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Hello, In honor of International Womens Day today I wanted to post about this live event for IWD 2013. There are so many organizations taking part in this event that you can find a cause for women to support, either by donating or signiging a petition or even participating in one of the many events planned for next year. Even if you just share this information through any form of social media, you can help make a big difference in the lives of so many women and children. On days when I begin to feel sorry for my circumstances, not having a job, not being able to drive, I start to think of these women who live in certain parts of the world. Some of them have to walk so many miles just to feed their child some peanut butter milk. I think of the freedoms I have that they don't, and it instantly snaps me out of my own stuff! I think of how lucky I am to live where I do, have what I have, my problems are pale in comparison to some of the other women's issues around the world. So today I am thinking of all the women who have gone on before me and paved the way for a better life for me, my daughter and granddaughter, through sacrifices, be them known or unknown, and I am truly grateful! In the future, when I do get a job I will donate some money to one of these causes, and when I can drive next year, I would like to participate in the event of crossing the bridge that they had here in Boston today. Until then it makes me feel good to in some way, let my voice be heard through this blog!
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Women’s Day Live will be a truly epic event, one so powerful that it will be talked about for decades. People will look back at this day and point out with pride that this was the definitive moment when the tide shifted and the world truly opened up to the cause of women and girls empowerment planet wide. At Live8, the most momentous global media event to date captured our hope and optimism and rallied the world to fight against poverty and lobbied the G8 leaders to make promises on debt relief, AIDS drugs, trade tariffs and education.

NOW is a defining moment for the world to carry through on its promises.

As things stand now, there is little chance of reaching the Millennium Development Goals, for ending world poverty and reaching gender equality by 2015. But change can be lightning fast: Witness the fall of the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall. Become a member of the great generation that had the power to create a better future for the women and children of the world - and did so.

Women's Day Live will be a true testament to the will of humanity, and to the power of music to inspire global action.

Clearly the opportunity is here and the time historic.

Our Mission is to launch a ground-breaking humanitarian campaign to ignite a global movement to make poverty history by empowering women and girls with education and economic opportunity. This multi media benefit platform will generate tens of millions of online sign-ups and actions, raising hundreds of millions of dollars, towards achieving this goal. We will mobilize people worldwide to spark historic new levels of investment in women’s funds to help accelerate the social and economic empowerment of women and girls.


Womens Day Live from GOOZ Design on Vimeo.


This year's link

Annie Lennox & Madonna Sing!


  1. Awesome.... 2 of my most appreciated female vocalists. Many thanks for the amazing song~

    1. Your very welcomed Dorothy, there is also another video version of the song on youtube. Thanks for the comment I agree with you!

  2. I love the song very much. Madonna is my favorite. so My mind is just blowing to hear the amazing song here.

  3. That's a very powerful theme, we've come a long way though when you think that no less than 100 years ago women weren't allowed to vote. Kisses amazing Janet.

    1. Very good point Unikorna, thanks for the comment, it is always good to hear from you!