Catch You

Hello, I hope your all doing well today, I am doing good! This saying could not ring more true to me at this point in time in my life. I've come to realize that despite my best efforts to make life work for me the way I want it to, it keeps working the way it wants to. Although I have always believed that what is meant to be will be, there is a plan for all of us, I can see now that I was trying to hard to control the plan. There is not doubt in my mind now that there is a God (or a supreme being, which ever you choose to call him) that has a plan for each of us, whether we like it or not, no matter how much we try to control the plan! I was sure that the Job at Blue Cross Blue Shield was what I wanted and needed, it was a great job and I was lucky to have gotten it, blah, blah, blah, as I told myself and everyone around me told me. When things did not work out, to say I was devastated was an understatement. I felt like just having a break down, how much more disappointment could I face in myself, in front of my family, and so on and so on. But for some reason I didn't, and from somewhere I got strength, and began all over again. One day I just got up and got on the computer and applied at more jobs than I could keep track of. Then out of the blue I get a call from a Temp agency to work for the State Of Massachusetts! Another great place to work where I live. I had applied there many times before for various positions because of it's good pay and benefits. After a few days of working things out with the employer I got the Temporary job and I will be starting this Monday. Even though it starts out as a Temporary position, I think there is a very good chance it will turn into a permanent one. If it does not, at least I will now be able to add working for them on my Resume and apply on their job board for other open and permanent positions. It will put me in a favorable position for future jobs with them or with anyone else I apply to for a job. The work will be much easier than the demanding position of customer service at Blue Cross, Blue Shield. I feel I can manage this work just fine. Data entry and scanning documents, basic clerical work. It has all been a blessing in disguise. So I'm sharing this with you today in case your in a place that you wish you were not, like I was. If your not happy with the way your life plans are working out, trust me when I tell you to hang in there, it is happening for a reason. Stop chasing after what is suppose to be your "plan" in life, and let life's plan catch you!
Thanks for visiting,
Janet :)



  1. Congratulations, my dear Janet! I'm very happy for you! Even if it's temporary, it's a job and that means a huge deal :)
    Good luck and keep your faith up.

    Kisses and hugs from a cloudy sea day in Europe :)

    1. Thank you Petro I appreciate your support and positive outlook!!
      Hugs & Kisses to you

  2. congrats on Temp agency to work for the State Of Massachusetts!

    greetings from Jakarta Indonesia :)

    i have put your link in my blog.. hope you'll do the same to me...
    it's a kinda link exchange or something :)

  3. When one door closes, another opens :) Congratulations Janet!