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Hi Everyone,
Hi I hope you all had a good Easter Holiday. We were invited over to my brother in laws house I did not have to cook!!. I noticed that day though Elsie was not herself, she looked very worried most of the time. That made me sad, because I don't blame her, facing what she has to face. I would have a hard time of feeling happy. I keep telling her I am here to help after the surgery. Elsie said that is good and feels some peace with that, because she knows how I took care of my mom. All we can do now is pray! I am also surprised that I got through the holiday without my mom ok. I think I was so focused on Elsie that made it easier to get through the day. The first year of missing special days is hard. My heart goes out to all of you that have had to go through that as well. I added some new funny videos, some are funny animated animals, for ex, a dancing cow. I also added a new prank call. If you have trouble viewing the video just rewind it because sometimes the video loads faster than the player can play it. I am working on it to improve it. Todays a good day, the boys of summer are back! Go Red Sox's, Dice Man rules!

Take Care,

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