Happy and Sad Day

Hi Everyone,
Today I was happy to see the Red Sox's play again, especially I got to see Jason Varitek!!

He is so handsome! But I was sad to see how Dice K performed. What is up with that? I thought this year he would be more settled in, but as much as we hype him up, he always fails. I don't know what to think, we will just have to see how this year goes for him. I also felt sad because I could not talk to my mom about the Red Sox's. She loved watching them. Jimmy got her into many sports. She liked golf, and liked Tiger Woods, she liked the Patriots. I must say though she smiled the most talking about the Red Sox's. Last year she was so excited about the new pitcher Dice K. My Aunt Kay, my mothers sister called last week to see how we were all doing through her birthday. I told her we all did pretty good. She said she had a dream the other night of my mother. She was wearing all white. I knew what that meant. She then said to me, that means she is an Angel. I said you are right :)
Take Care,

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