Hi Everyone,
Hope you are all doing well. Elsie had a test yesterday which gave the go ahead for her operation on Monday the 31st. Elsie appreciates all our prayers. I was thinking about my mom and the sports she liked and I remembered Jim saying she always watched them with my dad. So not to take away from Jim, but I guess she was always a fan. Jim sent me an email this morning telling me how he got up early to watch the first game in Japan. Wouldn't you know it, Direct TV lost the signal to the game. They apologized of course, but that is wasted words to all the red sox's fans for sure. I almost felt guilty that I was not being a true fan by getting up early to watch. Now though not so much! I have decided I have to go back and get my Master's Degree. Every job I like requires one. A Bachelors degree is just no good anymore. On April 17th Bridgewater State College is having a open house for Graduate programs. I am gonna go and see what my options are. I hope everyone enjoyed what little warmth we got, now we've got to go back to the cold and snow for a few days :(

Well take care everyone,

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