What a Beautiful Family!

I posted this picture as well because my Aunt Kay pointed out to me that she thought Christa resembled my mom, I think she was right, Elsie also thought so. I had to post this picture, How blessed am I to have such a beautiful and loving family. Christa and Dana are doing such a good job with Briana, you can see it in her smile. It is so weird for me right now, I am so blessed, and so stressed. Elsie took another turn for the worse today. She has some type of bubble in her left lung, I think it is an embalism, they will have to put in another tube which is risky. Larry came by the other day to pick me up to go into Boston ans Christa was here with Briana, he said I have never seen that girl cry, she is always happy and smiling! He is proud of his granddaughter and her husband for doing a good job with her. I will be going in with Larry tomorrow to see Elsie, and find out the latest I will share that with you tomorrow. Many of her relatives have been reading my blog to get the latest so I am trying very hard to keep it up to date. Thanks again for all your prayers. Karen called me again tonight. she said she is not familiar with what she has now, but once again she said tell Elsie I am praying for her. I do tell Elsie that for her all the time, before she went in I told her that as well, she was very grateful to Karen for her prayers. I know she is to all of you as well.
Janet :)

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