Hi Everyone,
Today I went in to see Elsie with Larry and Pete. Lucky for us the Doctor was on duty. We sat and talked with him for a while. This week is critical for her. Each day they are going to do things to help her breath on her own. If she does get to that point then all will be good, she does not have any cancer left in her body he told me. He said it is the kind of Cancer that can return, so they will keep checking her for some time. If she does not breath on her own, then we have to consider her quality of life. Elsie has already made it clear that she does not want to live on machines. So many prayers are needed this week. Pete could only stay in the room for a couple of minutes, he cannot stand to look at her with tubes down her throat. It was very hard on me as well but I felt I needed to be the strong one. I got stronger going through what I did with my mom. I told Elsie to keep on fighting and that we all loved her so much, that she needs to come back home! We came back home and Larry enjoyed his lunch and dessert I made him. I have kept the number one spot!! I know I always will. It is just a joke to keep us talking about something else. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I am sorry to write about sad situations, but that is what is going on right now. Yesterday I was so happy thinking about my family and friends, but then this morning was tough. As we drove into Boston I just wanted to head toward Dedham and go back to the nursing home and see my mom again although that was not the best situation, at least I had a place to go see her. Next weekend will be good, I get to see the Red Sox's Play the Tampa Ray Devils with Jim, I am looking foward to that Sausage Sub Jim!

Take Care,
Janet :)

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