Your Intuitive Self

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I hope you are all doing well I am doing good. I found this article on Your Intuitive Self. I really liked it and I think any of us who are looking for serenity or peace within ourselves as part of our spiritual journey can benefit from this article. I will share some of this article each time I post over the next few days. I hope you get something out of it. I know it is a help to me. I advertised my blog on a couple of other blogs through the Entrecard system. I made a good choice in the two I advertised on today. I have received the most visitors ever in a day. Thank you so much to all who dropped today, you really made my day, week and month!! LOL.
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To touch the stars I must feel the Earth beneath my feet."
Everyone is intuitive doesn't matter who you are we are all born with a varying degree of intuitiveness. Often we hear of a wife saying how she knew when her husband was in danger and though it was only a feeling it turned out to be true. Mothers have the same sense about their children. There are also moments in everyone's life when they have a inner knowing not to go in a certain direction and how many of you have heard the phone ring and knew who was on the other end? Having intuitive abilities is like being able to tune into television stations. The majority of people have those Rabbit Ear antennas that look like a big V and sit on top of the televisions set, some though have upgraded to cable so are able to get even more information and then there are people like Psychics and Mediums who have the big satellite dish and are able to get information beyond this world. Whatever your intuitive abilities look like it is possible to increase your ability to tune in. I am not saying everyone can be a Medium or a Psychic because it doesn't work that way. Just like everyone is not born to be a Doctor or a Lawyer or a Teacher not everyone's purpose on that planet is to pass on messages from beyond. But you can increase your ability to hear your own guidance, you can learn how to shut the world of noise out so things become clearer, you can reach a place of spirit where it is possible to feel the presence of the Angels even if you do not hear them at first, you can gain greater insight into a life situation and be able to make more informed decisions about what pathway to chose. All these things are possible. I am not an expert I can only share with you the knowledge I have gathered throughout my own journey, the wisdom of my guides, the Angels and the experiences shared by others on their journey. What you must do is take the knowledge that is given in this workshop, build on it, add your own experiences to it, change and adapt the material to suit who you are and ask others on the same journey what has worked for them. There is no right way or wrong way there are only different ways and that is what makes this world of ours great.

There are many ways to ground some as simple as walking in nature or visualizing a connection with Mother Earth or simply reading a book or working out in the garden. People are like electrical wires being charged by the energy in the environment and as any good electrician will tell you if you overload a system with too much energy it will eventually explode. That is why there is a wire specifically used to ground electrical units. And we as humans are no different we need to find a way of grounding ourselves so excess energy can be released.
Symptoms of being ungrounded
• Mind racing with a million thoughts

• Panic attacks
• Indecision
• The need to hurry
• Increased nervousness.
• Extremes in emotions
These are signs our body is starting to overload and we need to take time to ground ourselves. If you do not feel like you can achieve a feeling of being grounded on your own perhaps seeking a mentor to help you may work or going to someone who is a legitimate Reiki healer (Always double check credentials). Sometimes it is a case of giving yourself time to find what works for you having some patience for the process and making a commitment to practice. That is what the saying "To touch the stars we must feel the Earth beneath our feet" means to be grounded in this world.


  1. Hi Janet ~ It's been a hectic week since I last visited your blog. My garden shed was burgled and I think I burnt-out the engine in my dear old car (I've done 371,000 in it) by not stopping AT ONCE the red temperature gauge came on. :(

    But to this post...It's really good and I can relate to everything in it...including not being grounded (although I should be)

    I have had all the psychic 'symptoms' and I think that this post has made up my mind that my 'rescue by angels' will go in Dusk 'till Dawn' soon

    Anyway...the article and your own writing made for a blog entry where I kept nodding and agreeing.



  2. Hi Janet ~ my message may have got lost in the aether...if it has, I'll repeat it tomorrow. If it hasn't that's ok.

    :) henry