Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Hi Everyone,
Today I went to the graves and I did better than I thought. As I drove from Kingston to Braintree in three different locations I saw swift, uplifting rush of quiet birds in circling flight. Which is from the poem I had read at my mothers funeral. I am sure you know the poem Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep, I Am Not There I Did Not Die. It was the weirdest thing, I saw two sets of white birds and one set of dark birds. Which made me think of two women and one man. Which is what I visited today. The last set was a group of the white ones as I entered the graveyard. They looked so beautiful that by the time I got to the graves I felt peace, I felt it was a sign from them. This Christmas they are free,they are at peace, and their spirit is still all around me. As I drove home I did not see that again. I even went to the waterfront in Plymouth to buy a gift certificate and I sat by the water for a few minutes, I only saw one pigeon. So I truly believe their spirits surrounded me today to help me through this Christmas. Weather you believe is signs or not, I had no choice but to believe, because I truly feel happiness when I thought I could or would not this season. I wish you all the Happiest Christmas and keep in your heart all your loved ones, and the loved ones who have gone before you, they are still loving you from afar.
God Bless,
Janet :)


  1. Love transcends death, Janet. I know that now.

    Bing ;)

  2. Hope your Christmas would be filled with love, cheers and good tidings. Merry Christmas!!!

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  3. I agree with PinkLady that love trancends death, and everything else for that matter. In fact I believe we ARE Love and Love connects to itself no matter the form. I too recently saw several swirlings of birds in flight. And yes!!! I LOVE that poem. Once of my absolute favorites. My mother too love it. It fills the heart with timeless love and inspires...even in death.

    I hope you are having a warm and rewarding holiday season. Many hugs and kind wishes, Robin

  4. The birds were truly a vision for you to remember and be strong with. I think you are very in tune with the Universe.

    Happy New Year