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I hope you are doing well, I am doing good. When Michael Jackson passed away this June I had never heard this song to the best of my memory. When they released the rehearsal tape of him on June 23rd Christa and I loved the song he was singing and the people he was performing with. So I thought it was part of his new stuff coming out. Then I was talking with my sister and she said it was a song off his History Album. I realized then that I let the media influence me about what could now be false accusations and I stopped listening to his music. Although I would have waved both sides if the media gave them to us all but, Martin Berkshire of 20/20 would always turn every thing Micheal said into something dirty and Micheal said that to his face. I truly believe now that Neverland was meant to be a place of love that embraced childhood, then a few people decided to cash in. I know you should not sleep in a bed with other people's children but I can't help but wonder now was it just his way of showing love to all children, may not be right in our book,but I think he really meant it to be innocent. After the trial he never returned to Neverland. Anyway I can see why he kicks ass in this song, I would have too if I was innocent of something. I could not get the lyrics. I am looking forward to seeing the full rehearsal released in October. FYI to all the Martian's out there Madonna has grabbed her crotch while singing as well LOL!.
Rest in Peace Michael
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Janet :)

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  1. I am guilty of the same thing Janet. It's a shame that it took his death to finally reveal the truth and expose the all of the lies.

    I have gone back now too and listened to many of his songs. Maybe it's just me but I now find what appears to a cry for help in many of his songs.

    How we all missed it I truly don't know. It is certainly a tragedy and although I don;t excuse his drug abuse, I do have a much deeper of understanding of how he was driven to his addictions.

    I hope you are doing well. I have been having a lot of technical problems as of late and apologize for not being around as much.

    I hope you have a great afternoon!!
    Hugs and Love,