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I hope you are doing well. I am doing great. Before I went on vacation I was at the book store and I picked up a book titled 365 ways to live the law of attraction. I know some use the Secret, but I really like this book so far. I will share some of it's teachings with you. I will still share some loving kindness meditations as well. I feel this is something I need right now in my life. In a way I am still in the process of letting go of the painful past and starting over again. I can use this to help bring good things to me as I begin on a new journey. Here are the first two of the 365 in this book. I hope you get something out of them for yourselves.
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1. An Ancient Teaching with Many Names.
Modern spiritual seekers have called the Law of Attraction a recently discovered ancient secret teaching. Indeed the law is ancient in its origins. Whether or not it was ever lost or purposefully kept secret could be argued, but what is true is that though the centuries, various spiritual teachers, philosophers, and others have mentioned or discussed the Law of Attraction, albeit calling it by various names in their teachings or writings. Today renewed interest in the subject has captured the age-old concept into a new mainstream popular culture while simultaneously placing it under a lens of scrutiny,you may already be familiar with the concept of the law. The popular books and Cd's about the law of attraction by Americans Esther and Jerry Hicks and Canadian Micheal Losier, among others as well as the mega hit, The Secret by Australian Rhona Byrne have put principles of that universal spiritual law into greater public awareness.

2. How the Law Works.
If you have heard old adages such as "Like attracts Like", birds of a feather flock together, as above as below,what you give out come back to you multiplied many times over. Even in the Bible Jesus says ask and ye shall receive. Then you may have an idea of what the Law of Attraction is.Simply put a persons thoughts attracts objects, people, and situations and circumstances, both positive and negative, into his or her life. Proponents of the Law of Attraction assert the law b rings you what you desire when you are 1)clear about what you want, 2)energize your desire for the item with thoughts , emotions visual imagery and also talk about it and believe it is coming, and 3)feel and express gratitude for what you already have and that which you desire, even if it has not yet come into your experience.

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  1. The Law of Attraction is very interesting. I have a saying.Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.Don't know where I stole it from.I do however try to follow it.