I got you

Hi Everyone,
I made this video to dedicate it to anyone who has suffered from a mental illness or watched their loved one suffer. Whitney's beautiful spirit shines through on this song. Remember to all my friends I got you. Enjoy and share if you would like too.
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Take Care,
Janet :)


  1. Dear Janet, This touched me to my deepest core. I've been blessed to not suffer a mental illness, but have had dear dear friends suffer deeply and have gone through this with them. Their suffering taught me GREAT compassion and humbled me seeing the challenging paths they walk.

    I thank you from my heart for doing this because I learned with people I love and who were suffering that they are often harshly judged and sometimes find little compassion. They are already suffering enough without having to deal with other's ignornace and judgment. I also try not to judge those who judge. I realize we all learn in our own time. But I am grateful for what I have learned from these souls.

    You are just so precious. This whole thing and your profoundly compassionate heart moves me to tears.

    Thank you dear kind kind soul,

  2. Thank you so much Robin, you words and thoughts inspire me, You are a love,
    Janet :)