To My Mother Who Gave Me LIfe

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well. I had a great birthday day with my family. Yet a part of my heart is broken not having you here to say Happy Birthday like you did for so many years, it brought me a few tears. All day I have been thinking of my mother who gave birth to me 46 years ago. Times were rough growing up, but we got past all that, and our love grew even deeper. No matter where you are Mom you got me and I have got you. We became two souls in one. Thanks for bringing me to life, I love it.
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Take Care,
Janet :)

On this day 46 years ago,
I was born, to the women
I so adore. We had hard
times as I grew, so sick
she was and us kids knew.

There were times, when you
lost your mind. Disease
got the best of you, there
was nothing we could do.

Then when Dad passed away,
You went to get help in a new
place. In short time, you came
back to life.

All of a sudden you became
a great mother we reclaimed.
for almost 20 years, we shared
joy and tears. I feel so sad that
you had to endure old treatments
that now in this new age with a pill
can cure.

I miss you and me, I miss
you beyond belief, I know
you loved me enough, to
be watching me from above.


  1. I too have a mother who has passed.I took care of her for the last 20 years of her life.I had to keep reminding myself that the things she did and said were not her.Now thanks to my present wife I discovered my problem.I am slightly BiPolar.Now thanks to modern medicine I can be helped.Three large pills a day.They help me sort out reality.
    I hope you had a happy birthday.I know your mom wishes it for you also.

  2. Dearest Janet ~ You touch me so much.