The Best Kid Ever

Hi Everyone, I hope your doing well I am doing good. Except for the fact the Colts made it to the Superbowl and not the Vikings!!! Tiger is now up to #19 and counting, as his girlfriend said he is more a pig than a tiger!! Sex Rehab, let's get real and call it what it really is, Asshole Rehab!! Now that the Christmas season is over I have more of a set schedule and I usually have Sunday's and Monday's off. The past two days have been so fun because Briana was here. Her Dad had to fix his car in my garage. But I got to tell ya by the end of the second day I was ready for her to go home not because she was a bother, but I just couldn't take laughing anymore, between this picture and her pants on the ground performance we were in stitches and my stomach feels like I have been doing sit ups. Some of the fun of being a grandparent is watching your kid go through what you went through raising them. But I don't get that too often with Briana. Christa and Dana have lucked out when it comes to a well behaved child. Before she was two she would just start doing things on her own. One day she decided to start bringing her plate up to the sink after she finished easting. I still can't get my 16 yr old to do that. She puts on her own shoes, gets her coat, she does anything just about that you ask her to do. Recently she has started dressing herself and wanted to change her own diaper! We always play games and they are always fun, trust me teaching a kid it's mine can be a bad thing but she is nothing like that when it comes to sharing. Every time she gets a cracker for herself she gets one for the rest of us, she is always thoughtful of others and shy around people she does not see often like Scotty. After you watch these videos you will see she has a great sense of humor. She had to wear that shirt out of my laundry basket after she spilt juice on hers I was able to tie it in the back. Then she decided to imitate me after she heard me using the voice search on Google for Dolly's Daily Diary while wearing my glasses and using my Droid. This is now my wallpaper on my Droid and Computer:) She is like this on a daily basis too. Over the past two years when I needed it the most, she has breathed new life into my broken heart. The Google Droid as the kids at work say "is sick and they hate me" LOL!. I got two of them for $30 dollars with my upgrade after rebate. If your eligible for an upgrade I highly recommend getting one of these. I got the 79 dollar one and it does what the 200 dollar one does just as well. And now I can take these videos and do so much more with my cell phone. I have a 2009 Toyota Rav and it just got recalled because the accelerator has been known to stick. Mine has hesitated sometimes but never stuck and I know what to do if it happens, you just whip it in neutral. What upsets me is I let Christa and Briana drive it around while I was away because her car was having problems. Thank God nothing happened while they were driving, if something had you would have to just shoot me and dig a hole and bury me upside down so the world could kiss my ass goodbye!! On Tuesday nights they have started Entourage from the beginning, it is a great HBO series if your looking for something new to watch. It is all about the dirt that goes on behind Hollywood and don't we all love dirt. Once you start watching it you don't want to stop, sort of like the Soprano's.
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She Chose Ruby over me :(

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