All Hope is Lost

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are doing well, Stories on the news don't often make my cry, but when I got home from work last night I heard all hope was lost for these twelve students. I couldn't help but shed tears. As I wrote in my daughters yearbook, two of the greatest gifts you can give your children are "roots and wings." And as a Parent when you get the courage to give them their wings you pray that they are never broken. Britney reminds me of my daughter. I can't imagine the parent's pain. They had so much ahead of them, so much to live for. God bless them for having the compassion to care for the people of Haiti. I am sure they have been given wings that are more beautiful than we could ever imagine. May they rest in peace knowing their short life was not in vain because they made a difference in the lives of people who were in need. They probably did more for humanity in their lives than any of us will do. I am going to make a donation in memory of them. I included a link for anyone who might want to buy the Hope for Haiti music from last night. Great songs for a great cause.
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L to R: (front row - sitting) Paul Tyska, Lindsay Doran, Nikki Fantauzzi, Richard Bruno, Christine Gianacaci, Daniela Montealegre, Britney Gengel, Stephanie Crispinelli (back row - standing) Patrick Hartwick, Michael DeMatteo, Courtney Hayes, Julie Prudhomme, Thomas Schloemer and Melissa Elliott.


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