Feel Like Making Love :)

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are doing well, I am doing good. Yesterday at work while doing a return a women asked me did you just get back from vacation? You are so tanned. I said I got back from Aruba in the first week of October. I have not noticed if I am still tanned or not, I guess you just get used to looking at yourself! I have always tanned easily thanks to my Dad I believe. He was always so dark in the summer. Anyway it got me thinking about Pete and I on vacation. We are all adults here and I figure it is ok to talk about intimacy. I have been with Pete for almost 27 years and I realize now that it took a lot to keep our marriage together because we never got to have real quality time to ourselves for 26 yrs except for maybe a few hours here and there. Mostly because we had no one to watch the kids. At this point in our relationship the kids are grown and we can get back to us. Then we were invited to go on vacation to Aruba with some friends. The trip was great for us. Every day and night we were so passionate for each other that sparks flew again and they have not stopped. I would suggest if you need to rekindle that in your relationship take a trip to Aruba or somewhere in the Caribbean. We can't wait to go back to Aruba again. True love and passion between two people is beautiful. I hope you all have that with the one you love. I love this video except for the clips of cookies or possibly rocks??
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Take Care,
Janet :)

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MTV confirms more celebrities to join "Hope for Haiti" telethon, Madonna, Brad Pitt, and more

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  1. JANET i am so happy for you and your hubby!!! indeed a simple vacation for couples can easily transform into a passionate second honeymoon and can surely bring the fizz back into one's marriage.

    btw, i have something special for you here. please check it out when you have time.

    blessings to you,

    bing ;)

  2. Thanks so much Bing, you are so sweet. I like the word fizz LOL! I am sorry I have not been by to comment on your blog as much as I did I have been working again and I need to catch up with my friends.
    Love ya
    Janet :)

  3. i used the word fizz to make it sound wholesome... lol. bringing back passion into a marriage is no laughing matter. keep that fire burning, girl. ;)

    hey i have not had the time anymore to go around friends' blogs so i must also apologize. it's nice though to be in touch with you in facebook.

    anyway, here's the link to your award...


    i miss you :)

  4. Bing you made my day with this comment, you are to funny. I will keep on burning LOL! That's another benefit from being in your 40's!!! Thank you so much for the award. I will catch up with you today on facebook.
    Miss you too,
    Janet :)