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P.S. I wrote this post yesterday before going to work. When I got to work wouldn't you know it, but my first return was a Turkey brought in from a cart in the parking lot. After searching for a code to defect it, I realized we don't even sell Turkey's!! So yesterday I was disturbed in more ways than one LOL!. I think I am going to get a lot of funny stuff from working there to post here :)

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are doing well. I am doing good but I am so upset that Martha Coakley did not win the senate seat!! I was shocked. Time will tell if a major mistake was made. Some day's it hurts that at this point in my life I thought I would be in a different place professionally after working so hard in my 30's to get my Bachelors degree while raising my kids and running a day care. I was not able to go right to college from high school because of money. I don't like to be dependent on anyone. Especially if something happened to Pete I thought for sure I could take care of myself and my kids. My Dad has been gone since I was 23 and I felt I would have no one to turn to for help. But circumstances in life have kept me from pursuing what I really wanted for myself. But I have learned that regret is a wasted emotion and what is meant to be, is meant to be. So today I am surprised to find myself enjoying working in retail. I am making less money than ever, but it gets me out of these 4 walls. I also find myself having so much fun with my co workers and the public. People often tell us that they can tell it is a new store because everyone is happy and laughing together. But that is not the real reason, we just all click. Most of all I love to make people laugh, get a rise out of them and I get that opportunity quite often working at guest services and photo, for example last night, I had a tall handsome guy returning a women's bathing suit so with a serious face I asked him "Did it not fit right". When we both started laughing he said I knew you were gonna say that. I guess he could see my horns:) Sometimes the children are so adorable, sometimes they are screaming and you can't wait for them to leave! My sister loves Target and lives in Hanover so I see her more often and when she is done shopping she always comes and tells me where the good deals are. Her and my mom could shop until they dropped but not me, I just like to get what I need and get out. So I appreciate her doing all the foot work for me. It is the largest Target in Ma. My co worker Andy is about seventy and he loves to flirt. And who doesn't love a dirty older man, and when I see him he always makes my day! Even though their are people who can be so frustrating, the good out way's the bad. So I also have a sense of gratitude for where I am even though it is not what I wanted for myself. I have to be humble and realize I could be in a much worse place. Feeling this way keeps me positive and makes me want to keep working to better myself no matter what the circumstances are. The picture I posted above is blurry but you can tell it is a group of Turkey's. They have been coming around my house more and more and it is starting to freak me out. First we counted 12 of them now it is up to 14. One day when I got home and got out of my car they all just stopped and looked at me the same way, so creepy. Yet my hubby wants to feed them, I was like are you insane! Anyway if the group gets big enough I guess I can have a great Thanksgiving this year! Note to Kimmy, you got to laugh out loud on me today on facebook about the election, so cut me some slack here! Pretty soon in order to stay your friend without being a source of amusement for you, I will have to move out of state because of all our circumstances here LOL!
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Janet :)


  1. I wouldn't agree with you more. I will be 38 in June, and I am burnt out. I have worked like a dog and I am not sure besides survival, where has this gotten me?

    One of the points I have learned about politics lately is that it is one been farce. It doesn't matter the politician. For the most part, they will say what you want them to say, and then abandon the rest. No matter who is elected, we as a whole seem to get further in debt, with no end in sight.

    I laugh sometimes with people, but never at them. I can say I am amused with the politics because sometimes it's cool to be democrat, cool to be rebublican. Elections seem more "Flavor of the month" rather than an obvious electoral race.

    My laugh towards the Martha election in MASS was truly at the flip flop parties. What is MASS? Are they democrat? repubby? Where was John Kerry from?

    With me being a ultra conservative republican, I LOL'd at the fact that we cannot figure out which state will vote what anymore!

    But mark my word...Illinois will always be BLUE. That's the LOL on me!

  2. Hi Kimmy, I understand now why you were laughing, thanks for letting me know. No matter the reason though I just love it when I see your he,he's on facebook it makes my day. It is amusing the flip flop, I think Mass is like a women as they say always changing her mind! I feel for you and where your at, it sucks!! Thanks for the comment,
    Love ya,
    Janet :)