This Is It

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are doing well. I copied this movie for anyone who cannot afford it or are not able to get it where you are. But for some reason I am having trouble sharing it. I will keep working on that, so check back. It is so amazing I can't stop watching it. If this tour had gone on I truly believe he would have had his second chance and we all would have fallen in love with him again like we did when he was five years old. Speaking of falling in love again, thanks Pete for being so understanding and loving of me this weekend. Even when I fall from grace you pick me back up. I love and want you more now than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow. Your what a real man is all about and then some. I hope you take the time to watch this movie, you will be moved by his beautiful soul nonstop during this concert. You do not need 3D glasses to watch it. His children will be accepting his Grammy tonight, so get your tissues out!!! Geena told me about this website, it also has some really funny stuff, enjoy:) http://succeedblog.org/
Thanks for visiting my blog.
Take Care,
Janet :)

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