To Much Fun


Hi Everyone,
I hope you are doing well, I am doing good. I am having too much fun working at Target between my co workers and the public. The other day we had a lady flip out on us because we would not give her money back for a play station game that was opened and not damaged as she said it was. So this prim and proper lady who looks like she just the hairdressers yelled out "YOU SUCK", and then slammed our carriage into our one spot, we could not help but laugh our asses off after the shock of it!! I think someone forgot to take their medication. Evan who is a big teddy bear and works at our Starbucks section always makes up these huge sample trays for all of us to drink. We all have at least 3 or 4, the next thing I know I am feeling like I am back in High School and have popped a couple of black beauties, or did a couple of lines LOL! Yes the eighties were good to me:) The next thing I know me and Geena are talking a mile a minute, she could not stop bouncing a ball that was returned. Then Deb from clothing next door walks by and says she had 7 samples, so at this point the whole front end is buzzing and I love it. Target just starting selling bathing suits so I noticed lately that a lot of women are returning them and one of them said you need to get them now because all the good ones will be gone. So tonight I decided I better snag some for my vacation this year. I never thought as a Grandmother I would be able to buy a two piece bathing suit even though you only need one piece in Aruba LOL!, but now that I am down to a size 8/10 from a 14 it feels good, maybe I should get a belly piercing and a tattoo! Just kidding, I am not that brave. One thing about the Droid I am finding out is that it's battery keeps dying on me. As much as I charge it. Maybe it is not the Droid but maybe the battery I have. The picture I put in this post is blurry but it shows me laughing which is what this post is all about and I don't like to post without a picture. Anyway I hope you get to have the same fun where you work, always take the time to find the fun in every situation,
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Take Care,
Janet :)

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