Feeling Alive

Hi Everyone,
I hope you had a great weekend. I am so happy it is vacation week, I get to sleep in a little later! Zumba class with Lauren was a blast! For an hour you get to feel like your in a Latin dance movie with some bollywood thrown in and while your shaking every part of your body you are working all your muscles. I was surprised I could keep up after not working out for so long. We are also going to do the spin class. I highly recommend you do a Zumba class once, because once you do you will want to keep going back for more, it makes you feel so sensual and alive and I could see it in the faces of the people I do it with. It teaches you some hot moves for the real dance floor LOL! I don't make new years resolutions, it puts to much stress on yourself. I just have a goal to get healthier this year, between working out and quitting smoking I will achieve that. I want to be around for a long time to spoil my grandchildren. I wanted to share what bollywood dance is like if you don't know it, the video may say 10 minutes but you see the act within the first 3 minutes, and you will love it. MJ knew of them before he died and he liked them. I first saw them on Oprah, enjoy :)
Thanks everyone for the nice comments on my last post, I was so flattered by fishhawks comment.
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Have a great day,
Janet :)

I also just found this video on youtube of bollywood dancing,
it is exactly what we were dancing like, Love it!!!

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